Sunday, May 31, 2009

PEBA and abused OFWs

This afternoon I had a chat with kenji and nj about grand plans for Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards (PEBA). Well it seems that PEBA does not want to be confined to just giving awards but harnessing bloggers to take actions on the issues and concerns of the millions of OFWs and Expats around the world.

The group is seriously planning for a big event to celebrate Filipinos as Hope of the Nation and Gift to the World, the theme for this year’s PEBA. The award will recognize those bloggers who does not blog alone but are also proactive in terms of doing and providing real help to Pinoy expats and OFWs. Imagine this great bloggers asset being tapped from the bloggosphere and the different corners of the globe, working together to address the needs of OFWs, then, it would be a better working-world for the OFWs.

But why OFWs are continually abused? (even by his own countrymen)

It is so enraging how some unscrupulous placement agency like CYM International is colluding with unconscionable private lending agency RJJ Lacaba financing company have the guts to collect from the swindled 137 bus drivers 70 of which are still languishing in desperation and depression in Dubai for more than four months now.

How could they issue million worth of checks, to think that institutions such as Asian United Bank, Paramount Life and General Insurance Corporation, HQR Technical Insurance got entangled into this financial imbroglio? It is such a complicated money trail scam and a real case of human trafficking.

Good thing that The Blas F. Ople Policy Center is engaged in this, advocating for the rights of these hapless victims of injustice and extortion. Most of them are first timers to go abroad. Promised a good salary some of them paid a very exorbitant placement fee more than doubled their salary which is a violation of the law.

Tomorrow classes will start. Children of these OFW victims will not be able to go to school. Some will borrow some more money and loan again to survive. One of the victims whom I happened to talked to is Fernando T. Mateo, he is one of those who paid in full his placement fee of PhP 150,000.00. The money he used to pay for it came from the sold assets and properties of their family and the rest were borrowed from relatives. He is looking for a job. He can drive and do auto-mechanic works, you can call him at (09106403669/7859020) if you would like to hire him or have leads for work.

Read more here from momB: "OFW alert: Illegal Recruitment, Human Trafficking and Fraud | A Filipina Mom Blogger" -

Definitely it is not a perfect world. So PEBA believes that there is HOPE, that OFW can still be gift to the world for his/her diligence and world class skills. I really look forward to that day that aside from awarding bloggers, Expats and OFW bloggers are united in addressing and helping prevent OFWs being abused and taken advantage. And also NGOs and other civil society groups and mostly the government, assist and provide the necessary services OFW truly they truly deserve. After all they remain pillars for the Philippine economy to survive.

PEBA will then award not only bloggers but also those who support and benefactors of those less fortunate OFWs.

Mabuhay PEBA!

Mabuhay ang uring migranteng manggagawa!